The Bag of Holding Is a Great Way to Get all Your Games and Books to Game Nights

Anyone who travels to game nights knows how hard it is to get everything you need in one bag. You have books, laptops, game cards, minis, pens, paper and dice. So many dice. Getting a bag that can hold all that and still be carried comfortably is hard. Rollacrit, the makers of Heroes of Barcadia, one of the best family games of 2023, has recently launched a new Kickstarter for the Bag of Holding, a messenger bag designed with games nights in mind. 


The bag itself is made from tough canvas, and all of the straps and latches are reinforced to help carry the load. I especially like all the pockets that can help organize all the little knick-knacks that come with playing games at other people’s houses. The Kickstarter has already blown past the initial goal, hitting $790,000 at the time of writing this article and there company is already building out an excellent stretch goal list. Cool new straps including a green gelatinous cube pattern and different dice sets are already unlocked so now is a great time to back the project.

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The Bag of Holding is tough enough to withstand the weight of my 6 books, a laptop, and about a gajillion dice. There is a spot for everything, too. There are big pockets for minis and mini pockets for counters and coins. There’s even space for your dry-erase markers. I have to travel to my TTRPG nights and having the Bag of Holding fit everything I need, slung over one shoulder is like having my bard cast a bless spell.

You can back the Bag of Holding for $125, a saving of $50 from the retail price and get the bag, along with the stretch goals that will become available as more people jump on the train. I’m normally weary of Kickstarters but Rollacrit has a proven track record, and I’ve physically spent time with the product so I know it’s well made and worth the money.


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