PlayStation is hosting a surprise State of Play on September 14

Wondering what you’ll be playing on your PlayStation 5 this fall? Sony has some ideas. The company announced that its next State of Play stream will take place at 5PM ET on September 14, hosted on PlayStation’s YouTube, Twitch and TikTok accounts. While the stream’s announcement promises to have “something for everyone,” including updates on major releases and PS VR2, don’t expect a lot of big reveals: Sony says that the showcase will have a strong focus on indie and third party titles, and will primarily feature updates to previously announced games.

If you can’t bear to wait until Thursday evening, however, you may be able to get some clues from the Nintendo Direct stream happening earlier that same day. While the Switch-focused stream won’t give you any clues about PlayStation’s flagship updates, there’s a good chance some of the third party announcements featured on the Nintendo Direct will be at Sony’s showcase, too. If nothing else, the State of Play should give us a good idea of what fans might be playing on the upcoming PlayStation Portal streaming device when it launches this fall.


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