HBO’s ‘Last Stop Larrimah’ trailer delves into one of Australia’s big true crime mysteries

In Dec. 2017, just before Christmas, 70-year-old Paddy Moriarty and his dog Kellie disappeared in their small town of Larrimah in Australia’s Northern Territory — a town with just 11 residents. They were last seen leaving the town’s Pink Panther pub. Investigations began, and though answers were yet to be found, NT coroner Greg Cavanagh would later associate Moriarty’s disappearance with suspicious circumstances: “In my opinion Paddy was killed in the context of and likely due to the ongoing feud he had with his nearest neighbours.”

But what exactly happened to Moriarty?

HBO’s five-part documentary Last Stop Larrimah sheds light on this case while delving into Larrimah’s history and the social dynamics of this small community. Directed by Thomas Tancred, the documentary was executive produced by Mark and Jay Duplass, and premiered at SXSW in March.

“Documentarian Thomas Tancred treads deep into the snarled stories of Larrimah’s residents, past and present, to untangle the mystery of what happened to Patrick “Paddy” Moriarty, an Irish pot-stirrer who was last seen on Dec. 16, 2017,” writes Mashable film editor Kristy Puchko in her review. “The true crime documentary Last Stop Larrimah dives not only into the facts of the case but also the wild theories, all the better to reflect the personalities and problems of this captivating and chaotic little town.”

How to watch: Last Stop Larrimah is streaming on Max Oct. 8.


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