Amazon is bringing back invite-only deals for Prime Day 2

UPDATE: Sep. 22, 2023, 10:20 a.m. EDT We’ve updated this story with the latest info on Amazon invite-only deals available during the Prime Big Deal Days sale.

Amazon upped the ante for Prime Day 2023 with a new invite-only deals program featuring extra-exclusive doorbusters for select shoppers — and for Prime Day 2, they’re bringing them back.

Even though we’ve still got a few weeks until the Prime Big Deal Days sale (aka the unofficial Prime Day 2) kicks off on Oct. 10, invite-only deals are already available for shoppers to reserve. Before we get into that, here’s what you need to know.

What are invite-only Prime Day deals?

In years past, Amazon Prime Day has typically included a handful of extra hot-ticket deals that appear unexpectedly and sell out quickly. Buying them, or at least trying to, could be a chaotic and frustrating experience.

The idea behind the new invite-only deals is that you don’t have to be glued to your computer screen during the sale in order to catch these deep discounts while they’re live. There’s still no guarantee you’ll get to add them to your cart, since Amazon only invites certain shoppers who request access to them, but it formalizes the process and takes the usual Prime Day buying frenzy down a notch.


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The fall lineup has a total of six invite-only deals so far, including savings of 50% or more on Jabra earbuds, a Philips air fryer, and a Sony soundbar. Amazon offered 10 invite-only deals last Prime Day, so we’re hoping to see them add a few more to the rotation (please give us the $100 Omni TV deal back!) before Oct. 10.

Who can access invite-only Prime Day deals?

We know pretty much nothing about Amazon’s invite-only deal selection process, but we do know that you could only request access if you’re a member of its Prime subscription service (paid or trial).

How to shop invite-only Prime Day deals

Shoppers can request invitations to these deals via featured items’ product pages in the lead up to the sale. To request any deals, here’s what to do:

  1. Navigate to any invite-only item, then hit “Request invite.”

  2. Amazon will automatically put in your request via the email associated with your account. If you’re selected to shop the deal, you’ll receive an email or mobile notification (if you have the Amazon app) with a unique link to shop the sale on Oct. 10 or Oct. 11. If you’re not selected, you’ll also be notified.

That’s it — it’s literally a two-step process.

Shoppers are eligible to put in one request per item, but you’re not limited on how many invite-only deals you can shop. That means at the time of writing, you can put up to six requests. Once you do, you’ll be able to see an “invite requested” notice on the product page.

When to shop invite-only deals for Prime Big Deal Days

Technically, you can start today. We will say, as compared to the summer’s invite-only offerings, we’re still holding out for a few more (and better!) deals to be added to the rotation.

After all, just a few months ago you could request an invite for the aforementioned $100 Omni TV, an Acer laptop for nearly half its price, and the Foreo Luna 3 for exactly half its price.

Still, even if there are more deals to come, since there’s no limit to how many invites you can request, there’s no real reason to show restraint on deals you’re even a little interested in.

The best invite-only Prime Big Deal Days deals

Here are the invite-only deals that are worth the hassle in our book:

Why we like it

Blink outdoor cameras are already one of our favorite security cameras thanks to their two-year battery life. Then you factor in that it’s $150 off with this deal, and a good $20 below its lowest price ever, and this invite-only deal looks even better. Best of all, at $99.99, you get three outdoor security cameras for the price of one.

Why we like it

Our sister site PC Mag (also owned by Ziff Davis) calls these earbuds a “durable, exercise-friendly pair that does everything pretty well” — everything being active noise cancellation, full waterproof capabilities, and a non-slip coating that actually helps keep these earbuds in your ears. For anyone who’s been on the hunt for a good pair of buds for exercising, putting in a request for the Jabra Elite 7 Active earbuds is a no brainer — especially since they’re $10 under their lowest price ever.

Why we like it

Air fryers can be life changing to your simple at-home dinner game. The seven presets and digital display on this Philips air fryer make mealtime even simpler. Once you’re done cooking, all removable parts of the air fryer are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. And if you’re looking to put even less brain power into what to eat (we feel you), the Philips Kitchen+ app comes with plenty of healthy recipe ideas.

Why we like it

We’ve never seen this SodaStream bundle at a price this low before, which makes this Amazon invite-only deal a great time to take advantage of DIY sparkling water at the push of a button. The kit gives you everything you need to jumpstart your SodaStream journey, including two Co2 cylinders, two dishwasher-safe bottles, the actual carbonation machine, and two Bubly packs to add some flavor to your daily hydration. SodaStream might’ve been all the rage about a decade ago, but it still holds the power to upgrade your entire kitchen setup in 2023.

Why we like it

The HT-X8500 Sony soundbar has some seriously cool features, like seven different sound modes, deep bass activation, voice enhancement, and Vertical Surround Engine technology. The best part? It’s not only slim and minimalistic, but is also Bluetooth compatible, giving you the chance to pair it with a TV, phone, or even tablet. The possibilities are endless, so click that “Request invite” button on this audio gadget today.


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