Redditors can earn real money for good posts now

Redditors can earn real money for good posts now

All of the work you’ve done to become a popular Redditor in good standing with the community might literally pay off soon.

In a company blog post on Monday, Reddit revealed that it’s simplifying the way Reddit gold works to pave way for a new system where users can earn real dollars for their posts. You can now give a post gold by long pressing or hovering over the upvote button, at which point a menu giving you a few options ranging from $1.99 for a single piece of gold to $49 for 25 whole pieces of gold.

Simple as can be.
Credit: Reddit

You’re probably wondering how that translates into cash. According to Reddit, eligible users (18+ years old, in the United States to start, and being in good standing) can go through a verification process found on their profile pages to get started. Once that’s done, monthly payments will be doled out “calculated based on the amount of karma earned and gold received on their eligible contributions.”


Reddit just got better for people who aren’t logged in

In other words, get a lot of gold and karma, and you might get some money. Reddit’s post was distinctly non-specific about the dollar amounts people can expect to see, and the company told The Verge that posts with sexual or violent content are ineligible for the program. If you’re inclined to make NSFW posts, don’t expect to get any paper from those.

Now go, dear reader, and turn your funny cat photos into bread.


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