Best laptop deal: 2021 Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio on sale for $500 off at Best Buy

Save $500: As of September 29, the 14.4-inch Touchscreen Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio (Intel Core i5-11300H, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD) is on sale for $1,099.99 at Best Buy — which is 31% off the device’s regular price of $1,599.99.

Whenever new devices are unveiled by top tech brands, like Apple or Microsoft, everyone always rushes to pre-order. As a result, cheaper — yet still quite worthy and powerful — older models inevitably get left behind in the dust. Case in point: Microsoft triumphantly announced the brand-new Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 just last week, available now for pre-orders until its official public release on October 3. Smart tech buyers will go against the grain and see this as an opportunity to score the previous Surface Laptop Studio model for way less, rather than rush to spend thousands on the Studio 2.

As of September 29, you can do just that: Best Buy is offering the 14.4-inch Touchscreen Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio (Intel Core i5-11300H, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD) for $500 off. According to the price tracker Honey, this is the lowest price this laptop retailed for at Best Buy in a loooong while. What’s more, the same exact version (yet, costing consumers $1,399.99 instead of $1,099.99) is sold out at the Microsoft store as of now. In short, you won’t see this kind of markdown every day, so consider saving $1,000 (or more!) by buying a 2021 versus 2023 version of this touchscreen Microsoft laptop.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio packs quite a punch, thanks to its sleek and larger-than-life screen; lofty memory and storage capacity that will allow you to smoothly run everything from video-editing software to your fave games; Dolby Vision IQ technology that, according to Microsoft, “adjusts to the changing light conditions around you when playing supported content”; and beyond. In 2021, we praised this laptop’s “unique hinge-based screen movement” that allows it to act as laptop, tablet, and drawing pad all at once; its snazzy keyboard/touchpad; and its overall steady functionality. Note that the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio’s processor (Intel Core i5-11300H) can be best described as “mid-range” and isn’t the newest generation of Intel processors either. This shouldn’t compromise power, speed, and functionality all that much, though, and also makes the device’s current Best Buy price of $1,099.99 way more reasonable than its OG $1,599.99 list price. Fuel your current school semester or upcoming work weeks with this absolute steal from Microsoft.


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