‘Ferrari’ trailer sees Adam Driver as passionate racing entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari

The official trailer for Ferrari has been released, promising a tense, action-packed biopic of racing entrepreneur and icon Enzo Ferrari.

Starring Adam Driver as the titular Ferrari, the movie traces its lead’s career in the 1950s, from bankruptcy to fierce competition to worldwide recognition. Ferrari and his wife Laura (Penélope Cruz) are still reeling from the loss of their son, while Ferrari’s drivers are set to face Mille Miglia, a treacherous course-race across Italy.

This is Michael Mann’s first feature film in years. There’s tragedy, spirit, and passion, as critic Siddhanth Adlakha writes for Mashable in his review, which praised “Driver’s dramatic chops” and Mann’s “deft balance between comedic and tragic tones.”

Ferrari hits theaters on Dec. 25.


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