Best Microsoft Office Pro for Windows deal

TL;DR: A lifetime license to Microsoft Office Pro 2021 for Windows is on sale for £41.03, saving you 79% on list price.

Your CV might list skills in Microsoft Office apps like Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, but do you need updated knowledge about each program? Or the latest version of the suite installed on your PC? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, check out this deal. For just £41.03, you can get a lifetime license to Microsoft Office Pro 2021 and online training courses. 

Unlike Microsoft 365 which charges a yearly subscription fee, a lifetime license to Microsoft Office means you can just pay once to access the suite for life.

After purchase, you’ll instantly get a link and software license key to install the apps on one Windows PC. That means when you eventually upgrade your computer, you’ll have to purchase another license key for that device.

The second half of this bundle is the Microsoft Zero to Advanced training. Here, you’ll find courses that cover use cases and tools in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access. You might learn how to use VLOOKUP and conditional formatting in Excel, document templates and password-protected files in Word, or create engaging slideshows in PowerPoint. These skills are not just useful in completing personal and creative projects, but also in the professional world.

Whether you need the latest version of Microsoft Office for Windows or want training courses on how to use the suite, this bundle includes both for just £41.03.


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