Black Friday robot vacuum deals 2023: The best online savings in Australia

Black Friday robot vacuum deals 2023: The best online savings in Australia




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The biggest shopping day of the year is here again! That’s right, it’s Black Friday. And for us in Australia, that means a full day of lowest prices on just about everything (online, of course, meaning you won’t have to fight off an angry crowd of Americans lining up at Walmart). With so many deals to wade through on the internet, we’ve done the hard work for you. Above, you’ll find the biggest savings we’ve seen on everything tech, from all the major Aussie retailers, including Amazon, The Good Guys, Bing Lee and more. Happy hunting!

What is Black Friday? How about Cyber Monday?

“Black Friday” originally comes from the United States, where in the 1950s, shops would offer huge discounts on all stock in order to clear their shelves following Thanksgiving. It also gave shoppers the chance to get on top of their holiday shopping early, and save some valuable dollars to boot. In the 70-odd years since then, Black Friday has grown into a global shopping bonanza. And the growth of e-commerce and online shopping has made it more accessible than ever.

You may have also heard the term “Cyber Monday”, which is a more recent event falling on the Monday straight after Black Friday. It was supposed to be more of an online thing, and typically features big savings on software, particularly security software like VPNs and antivirus.

These days, the whole month of November sees huge deals, with many retailers advertising their sales during “Black Friday Month” or “Black Friday Week”. That said, you’ll still often find the best prices on the official Black Friday day.

When is Black Friday in 2023?

Friday, November 24, 2023 is the official date of Black Friday this year. As we mentioned above, retailers have lately been referring to the whole week as “Black Friday Week”, which kicked off on Monday, November 20, and concludes on Cyber Monday (November 27).

What should I buy on Black Friday? Any other shopping tips?

Thanks to the Black Friday hype, November is a great month to score some solid discounts on pretty much anything you need. That said, during Black Friday Week there are some especially low prices on the more expensive tech items, such as TVs, robot vacuums, laptops and electronics. Even a small percentage discount on some of these items can translate to hundreds of dollars in savings, so we definitely recommend buying any big-ticket items you need (or plan to gift, you lovely human), as opposed to getting too enticed by big percentage discounts on less expensive items. Definitely keep an eye out for the following sorts of products, as they’re often marked down on Black Friday.

  • TVs: We expect pretty much all the leading tech retailers to be marking down prices on TVs quite significantly, since they’ll be making room for next year’s stock. In fact, The Good Guys and Bing Lee have both already kicked off their Black Friday sales. The good deals on top brands like Samsung, LG and Sony go very quickly, so be sure to get on it!

  • Appliances: You can save literally hundreds of dollars on whitegoods and appliances like fridges, freezers, dishwashers and more, with even relatively small percentage discounts. If you need to replace or upgrade your home appliances, do it today!

  • Games consoles: It’s been easier to get the PS5 and Xbox Series X in Australia than in the past years, but that means we can finally expect some pretty good discounts on these. Consoles and games make fantastic gifts, and we’ve already spotted some pretty great bundle prices on the latest games with new consoles this past month. If you’re in the market for one, definitely keep an eye out!

  • Smartphones: Need a new phone? Now is the time to snag one for cheap. Apple iPhones notoriously rarely go on sale, but we’ve spotted some hefty Apple deals on Amazon Australia.

  • Smart home tech: Ever thought about upgrading your home to the future, with a robot vacuum, video doorbell or smart lock? You’ll find some especially good deals on everything smart home this Black Friday, especially on Amazon Australia.

  • Cybersecurity software: Cybersecurity software, such as antivirus and a VPN, is a must have in the modern online climate. If you need to renew or update your security set up for the new year, we suggest doing it now since the prices are so low as part of the aforementioned Cyber Monday sales.

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