9 Cyber Monday air fryer deals: Instant Pot Vortex, more

Best Cyber Monday air fryer deals:

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There’s enough complicated cooking during Thanksgiving that you’d be forgiven if you wanted to simplify.

Luckily, one of America’s premier shopping holidays — which effectively comprises…every holiday in America — immediately follows Thanksgiving. And this Cyber Monday, there are some fantastic deals on air fryers, which should make things less complicated in the kitchen. Forget roasting a turkey, now you can turn to an air fryer for all your cooking needs.

Here are some of the best deals on air fryers out there this Cyber Monday.

The best air fryer deal overall

Why we like it

The Instant Pot Vortex air fryer might not have the bells and whistles of higher-priced models, but most folks don’t need all that noise. And, as the host of Mashable’s AirFryDay series, I can personally vouch for this model. I own the black version, but this Black Friday the stainless steel variety is marked down by 45 percent.

I’ve used the Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer for years with absolutely no issues. It works great, has a large capacity, is simple, and is wildly easy to clean. The basket is composed of nonstick, dishwasher-safe material and it preheats in minutes. Really the only issue is that sometimes it can be a little loud, but you cannot beat the value at just 60 bucks. That’s just one dollar more than the cheapest price ever for the model on Amazon.

Newer, fancier air fryers — the kind that are drifting off the viral success of the kitchen tool — have a habit of doing too much. For instance, many rely on trays instead of baskets, which is fine in theory, but have a habit of making more of a mess while cooking less food. With the basket design, you can season your food, cook your food, and, heck, even serve your food from one place. You won’t find a more reliable, capable model than this Instant Pot.


You’re using your air fryer all wrong

The best super-high-end, I’ve got money to blow deal

Why we like it

Forget a Cadillac, this is the Rolls Royce of air fryers. And it better be, priced at 400 bucks on freaking sale. Normally, however, one of these suckers would run you $500. In fact, this is the lowest price ever for the Joule on Amazon. It’s a sharp-looking item and wouldn’t be an eyesore living on your counter. And while lots of air fryers promise multi-function capability, the Joule actually delivers.


The Breville Joule Oven Pro will teach you how to cook

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the Joule, however, is its smart-cooking features. Via the air fryer’s app, you can breeze through — or even autopilot — recipes from Breville, ChefSteps, the Williams Sonoma test kitchen, and the New York Times Cooking staff. Mashable’s Jae Thomas reviewed the Joule and found it took “the ‘smart’ in smart oven to new heights.” It’s large enough, and smart enough, to guide an inexperienced cook through an entire dinner party.

Yes, even on sale it’ll cost ya. But it might be worth it.

The best air fryer deal if you’ve got a family to feed

Why we like it

One word: capacity.

If you like air frying and have a large family, then you’ve likely run into the problem of not having enough space in your air fryer to cook all the food you need. The Gourmia 14-quart air fryer might help solve those issues.

On Black Friday sale for 50 bucks starting Wednesday, Nov. 22 — which is about half off — this air fryer isn’t super fancy, but it is huge. And on a night when you just want a bunch of chicken tenders for your kids, it’ll be a lifesaver.

The best deal if you air-fry everything

Why we like it

Let’s say you’re making dinner and you want to air fry some chicken thighs with a side of air-fried Brussels sprouts. With the Ninja DZ550 you don’t need to wait for one to finish before cooking the other. It comes with two baskets that allow you to air fry lots of food at independent temperatures. It’s also got smart features like a meat thermometer that’ll ensure your food cooks to the perfect temp.

The Black Friday price of $129.98 — or nearly half-off — is the lowest ever at Amazon. Ninja makes reliable, nifty kitchen gadgets and you’d be hard-pressed to find a cheaper, more versatile option for an air fryer this Black Friday.

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