Fortnite’s Eminem concert teased the future of the game

Fortnite’s latest virtual concert was more than just Eminem stomping across a destroyed city — it also teased a number of experiences coming to the game in the future.

From there, players were sucked into a number of portals, each with a different theme. First, there was an island full of Lego characters running around, fighting and building things. Then there was a futuristic race. Finally, Eminem appeared, and while he performed “Lose Yourself,” players had to hit notes in time to the music as if they were playing Guitar Hero.

Once that was over a gigantic Eminem appeared, and was basically a kaiju as he performed “Godzilla.” The song was set against a ruined city on fire, and at one point the rapper even breathed fire into the air. (As far as concerts go, Eminem’s virtual performance was the fourth major in-game musical event, following Marshmello, Travis Scott, and Ariana Grande.) Then it was all over.

Given Epic’s recent push into expanding Fortnite’s creative mode, it’s not surprising that the event was designed to reveal upcoming experiences coming to the game that aren’t just traditional battle royale. The goal, it seems, is to make Fortnite more of a platform than a game, similar to Minecraft or Roblox.

Chapter 5 expected to launch on Sunday. If you missed The Big Bang, Epic says that there will be two more showing at 5PM and 11PM ET on Saturday.


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