Squid Game: The Challenge gets a second season — and a video game

In the least surprising move ever, Netflix has greenlit its popular Squid Game: The Challenge for a second season and is recruiting contestants right now. The company also mentioned it’s making a video game “in the Squid Game universe” — missing an opportunity to coin the term “Squidiverse.” Actually, I’m sorry I just typed that.

Netflix didn’t offer any details about the video game except to say that players will “compete with friends in games they’ll recognize from the series.” We asked for more details, but the company didn’t respond by press time.

“There was no red light in our decision to greenlight season two of Squid Game: The Challenge,” said Brandon Riegg, who heads up Netflix’s nonfiction shows, in a statement.

Like the first season of The Challenge, 456 people will compete for $4.56 million over the course of the season, taking part in challenges inspired by the Squid Game series.

If you’re in Los Angeles, California, there’s an in-person six-game Squid Game challenge pop-up opening tonight and running “through the new year.” It starts at $39 and also has a Squid Game-themed bar and Korean food as well as a Squid Mart so you can buy swag.

Some contestants were injured during the first season’s filming, though Netflix insisted at the time none of it was serious. A law firm representing two of the contestants said it would be taking legal action on their behalf. The people said they suffered hypothermia and nerve damage in the cold January filming conditions.


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