Apple settlement: How claim your part of the $25M payout if eligible

Apple settlement: How claim your part of the M payout if eligible

You may be entitled to around $30 and not even know it if you’ve used Apple’s Family Sharing plan.

The program, which entitles users to bundle app subscriptions together so multiple members of one family can all share them, is at the center of a class-action lawsuit settlement, as reported by MacRumors. If you used Family Sharing between June 21, 2015 and Jan. 30, 2019 and purchased a subscription to at least one non-Apple app during that time, you’re eligible for a payout, which can be claimed at the lawsuit’s website.


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The reason Apple has to pay out the settlement, which totals $25 million, is that the Family Sharing plan is a tad misleading. App developers are allowed to opt out of the plan, meaning not every app subscription can actually be shared among family members. That was apparently enough for the U.S. legal system to decide Apple misled customers and, thus, we have a settlement payout coming.

You have until March 1 to file your claim. Get to it, folks.


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