Homemade Herbal Lip Balm

Homemade Herbal Lip Balm

To continue the theme of DIY natural lip care recipes, I’m sharing this recipe for homemade herbal lip balm. I love my homemade lipstick and tinted lip balm, but sometimes I just want something for dry lips. After gardening or being outside in the wind/snow my lips can start to get chapped, but I don’t want color or shine.

This recipe is also great for guys and kids since it isn’t brightly colored or strongly scented. The natural lip balm uses an optional nourishing herbal infusion that helps heal and protect lips. You can also leave these ingredients out to have an unscented version that still offers hydration. Plus it’s easy to add a little more healing and scent with essential oils if desired.

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I also like that this herbal lip balm lasts practically forever since a little goes a really long way. Organic lip balm is also great for stocking stuffers and small gifts!

Lip Balm With Herbs

The herbal ingredients are naturally moisturizing, antibacterial, and anti-fungal. Some people have had success with using it to speed up the healing of cold sores. It also doesn’t have petroleum or synthetic ingredients like most commercial lip products so you can feel safe using it on yourself or your kids.

Here I’ve used a blend of echinacea, comfrey, plantain leaf, calendula, and a few others. Chamomile and lemon balm are also nice botanicals to add. Lemon balm specifically helps with cold sores so it’s a nice addition if they’re an issue for you.

Other Nourishing Ingredients

I use a liquid oil thickened with organic beeswax as the base of the herbal lip balm. Certain seed oils, like almond, apricot, and avocado seed oil work well here. Apricot and avocado are thicker though and need diluted in something like olive oil, sweet almond, or coconut oil.

You could also replace a little bit of the beeswax with shea butter or cocoa butter. Keep in mind shea butter is much softer than beeswax so you may need to reduce the liquid oil a little to compensate.


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