NASA’s PACE satellite will study Earth’s tiniest mysteries from space: Watch it launch live Feb. 6

On Feb. 6, NASA is scheduled to launch a major, multi-million dollar satellite to a reserved spot in Earth’s orbit. Sitting above even the International Space Station, the spacecraft called PACE (which stands for Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, Ocean Ecosystem) has a very big goal: to monitor our planet’s health on an epic scale, starting from deep within its vast blue seas to far across its candy white clouds. 

“We are studying the combined Earth system — it’s not an ocean mission, it’s not an atmosphere mission, it’s not a land mission, it’s an all-of-those-things mission,” Jeremy Werdell, the mission’s project scientist, said during a press briefing on Sunday. “What we’re doing here with PACE is really the search for the microscopic, mostly invisible, universe in the sea, and in the sky, and, in some degrees, on land.”


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