Earth911 Podcast Special: Water For Peace With Model And Water Philanthropist Georgie Badiel

Join Earth911’s Mitch Ratcliffe for a special World Water Day conversation with model and activist Georgie Badiel and Newday Impact Investing‘s Dan Keeler. If you’d like to watch instead of listen to the show, which includes the world premiere of The Georgie Badiel Foundation‘s new fundraising campaign video, visit our YouTube channel. Georgie’s team supports a network of village wells in her homeland, Burkina Faso, that provides clean water, solar-powered community learning centers and gardens for more than 340,000 people. The organization trains women in the region to serve as engineers who install and maintain the wells, creating jobs and new life opportunities to girls who, like Georgie did in her youth, had to carry water miles every day. As many as 200 million hours per day of women’s time is lost to carrying water around the world. By donating only $10 a month, you can help bring clean water to 36 people in a year.

Model, author, and activist Georgie Badiel is our guest on Sustainability In Your Ear.

We also talk with Dan Keeler of Newday Impact Investing, which dedicates at least five percent of its revenue to supporting environmental organizations, including The Jane Goodall Institute, EarthEcho International, and The Georgie Badiel Foundation. Dan explains how ordinary investors can participate in environmentally responsible investing through Newday’s Ocean fund, clean water portfolio, and other financial services. You can learn more about The Georgie Badiel Foundation and donate to help support women-operated wells in Burkina Faso at


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