Fallout and the Space Age: The franchise’s connections and nods to the final frontier

The world of Fallout is set in an alternative universe that diverged after World War II and generally reflects mid-20th-century-style science fiction (the World of Tomorrow) as well as the advancements of the Atomic Age, eventually becoming a retrofuturist vision of Earth before global thermonuclear war happens in the year 2077. But what about its take on outer space? Does the Fallout TV show on Amazon Prime Video feature such connections?

While the entire Fallout video game series is centered on what comes after the nuclear apocalypse happens, with the first chronological game taking place in 2102 and the last in 2287, there’s a recurring fascination with outer space and the advancements in space exploration that happened before the Great War of 2077. It’s a big part of many side quests as well as the world-building that makes Fallout so special and lived-in, and while most of the references come from before the apocalypse, some characters and events in the Fallout games are directly tied to the final frontier.


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