Best of Earth911 Podcast: Author Kathy Freston on 72 Reasons To Be Vegan

Author Kathy Freston joined Earth911 to talk about her new book with co-author Gene Stone, 72 Reasons to Be Vegan: Why Plant-Based. Why Now. The book explains the benefits of plant-based eating and exposes the unhealthy, often gross truth about our inhumane industrial meat and dairy complex. Freston explains the health and environmental impacts of the meat and dairy industry in detail in the book and the facts shares here will make anyone think twice before eating a hamburger. But being “veganish” instead of perfectly vegan is a great step for the environment, providing a greater positive impact on an annual basis than switching to an electric vehicle.

72 Reasons To Be Vegan

We also discuss meat and dairy addiction mechanisms that tap into human opiate receptors to make cravings almost unbearable for some people, and Freston recommends adopting a plant-based meat alternative that contains heme proteins, which mimic the iron-rich components of meat and blood without the negative health consequences. There’s also plenty to worry about in a pescatarian diet, Freston warns. Not only is the world’s fish population expected to collapse by 2048 if current practices continue, but the bodies of wild fish are also shot through with plastic, mercury, and pharmaceuticals that can harm our bodies.

But the conversation is not all about bad news. Making the switch to plant-based eating can improve our health, mental acuity, and the planet. Tune in to hear about  72 Reasons to Be Vegan, and check out Freston’s previous books, The Book of Veganish: The Ultimate Guide to Easing into a Plant-Based, Cruelty-Free Awesomely Delicious Way to Eat and Quantum Wellness Cleanse: The 21-Day Essential Guide to Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Editor’s Note: This show originally aired on April 5, 2021, and was promoted to “Best of” in May 2024.


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