Earth911 Podcast: David Lipsky on His Climate Denial History, The Parrot and The Igloo

Earth911 Podcast: David Lipsky on His Climate Denial History, The Parrot and The Igloo

Rising CO2 levels have created climate change, the denier’s name for global warming. It’s the environmental crisis that will shape our species’ future. The long story of willful disregard of the consequences of CO2 levels by government and businesses perpetrated through a trail of lies and misinformation is the history lesson everyone needs to know. However, most books about the climate crisis begin and remain serious, which makes them seriously challenging to read. Our guest, David Lipsky, tells the tale with surprising insights and even some laugh-out-loud humor through a modernist collection of compact chapters that will keep you turning the pages of his new book, The Parrot and the Igloo: Climate and the Science of Denial.

David Lipsky, author of The Parrot and The Igloo, is our guest on Sustainability In Your Ear.

Even though the climate story is gloomy, the book is an entertaining and often infuriating read that starts with the electrification of communication and human life by Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, then weaves the threads of scientific alarms raised throughout the second half of the 20th Century, along briefings about the many liars, spin doctors, and industrial lackeys who carried the water that drowned out every effort to curtail CO2 emissions. Lipsky teaches at New York University and is a National Magazine Award winner who turned his attention to climate denial out of frustration with the lack of visibility into the sources and tactics of misinformation about our warming planet. You’ll enjoy The Parrot and the Igloo and likely want to see some of its villains imprisoned when you finish the last page. The book is available at Amazon, Powell’s Books, and your local bookstore.


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