Who is Dr. Kovich in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’? The mystery explained

Who is Dr. Kovich in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’? The mystery explained

With his trademark suit-and-tie an anomaly among the primary-coloured uniforms of the 32nd century, Dr. Kovich always looked like a man out of time. Played by legendary director David Cronenberg — who, like “Star Trek: Discovery” itself, hails from Toronto — Starfleet’s biggest enigma has been an unknowable presence at Starfleet headquarters ever since the Disco crew landed in the distant future.

Now, thanks to a major revelation in series finale “Life, Itself”, Kovich’s true identity is no longer a mystery — in fact, we now know where we’ve seen him before, and that he’s had a significant role to play in the history (and future) or Star Trek. Read on to find out about Kovich’s history, but be warned — major spoilers lie ahead. (Check out our Star Trek streaming guide for how to watch nearly every series on Paramount Plus — except Star Trek: Prodigy, which is on Netflix.)

Who is Dr. Kovich?

David Cronenberg as Dr. Kovich, a secretive Federation official with immense knowledge and clout. (Image credit: Paramount)

This has always been a mystery, but that appears to be the way he likes it. 


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