The Longest Goodbye review: A poignant documentary on space psychology

Astronaut Cady Coleman playing duets with her Earth-bound son is among the moving and candid moments from The Longest Goodbye, Ido Mizrahy’s poignant exploration of the psychology of space travel


15 February 2023

Astronaut Cady Coleman is open about the difficulties of losing vital connections with Earth

NASA/Bill Ingalls

The Longest Goodbye

Ido Mizrahy (Sundance Film Festival premier)

AUTOMATION and artificial intelligence in space missions are still a long way from being able to do everything required for success – to a greater or lesser extent, humans are still required. But with crewed lunar and Martian flights on the cards in the near future, what is the psychological effect of astronauts spending months in extreme, confined environments without much or any contact with friends or family?

This …


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