Quantum Bullsh*t review: Time to save quantum theory for science

From cancer cures to the Kama Sutra, the word “quantum” has been comprehensively hijacked. A book by physicist Chris Ferrie explores why and sets out to fight back


15 February 2023

Opportunism might be an inevitable cost of quantum technology

Wong Yu Liang/getty images

Quantum Bullsh*t

Chris Ferrie (Sourcebooks)

QUANTUM threads are said to connect us to the fabric of space-time and serve as a conduit for the universe’s energy. It is enough to make Chris Ferrie, a quantum theorist at the University of Technology Sydney, rage. Firstly, because quantum threads don’t actually exist, and secondly, because they are a clear example of his field of research being hijacked by opportunists keen to attach the word “quantum” to their product.

Quantum Bullsh*t: How to ruin …


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