Here's Keanu Reeves cuddling a ton of adorable puppies

Sometimes late night segments are just thinly veiled excuses to bury an actor in an avalanche of puppies, and you know what? I’ll allow it.

Keanu Reeves joined Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon for a quick little Pup Quiz on Thursday, in which correctly answering a question won contestants an adorable canine to cuddle. Wrong answers sent the dogs to their opponent instead, at least in theory. The game was very obviously rigged to pile a mountain of floofballs on top of Reeves, but honestly, he deserves it.

“I’m not taking a puppy away from John Wick,” a pup-less Fallon said while Reeves had the time of his life. Fortunately for Fallon, a couple of puppies still let him get some consolation cuddles in.


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