Charli D’Amelio talks Tamagotchis and TikTok trends

If there’s one thing everyone knows about Charli D’Amelio(opens in a new tab), it’s that she dances.

The 19-year-old climbed to fame on TikTok after posting videos of her dancing — something she’d practiced for over 10 years(opens in a new tab) prior to becoming a social media superstar. It’s from seemingly simple lip-synced and choreographed videos that D’Amelio has made something of an empire for herself, and certainly a career. Nearly overnight, she captured the attention of 50 million followers (becoming the first person to do so), then 100 million (again, a first).

Now with over 150 million followers, D’Amelio is frequently referred to as the platform’s most famous face, only recently unseated as TikTok’s most-followed creator by Khaby Lame. To Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha, D’Amelio is arguably one of the more prominent social media celebs out there. Look no further than Hulu’s The D’Amelio Show(opens in a new tab), a reality show dedicated to tracing the lives and successes of the TikTokker, her sister Dixie, and their parents.


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It’s no surprise, then, that Tamagotchi, the beloved digital pet created in 1996 by Japanese toy company Bandai, has tapped D’Amelio to be the face of its latest product. The updated Tamagotchi Uni(opens in a new tab) includes a dip into the “Tamaverse(opens in a new tab)“, a metaverse-esque experience that elevates the classic ’90s toy. Born eight years after the launch of the original Tamagotchi, D’Amelio is a fitting ambassador — who better to represent something unique to the 2000s babies (aka the TikTok generation)?

D’Amelio spoke to Mashable about creativity, stealing her first Tamagotchi from Dixie, and what nostalgia means to people today.

Mashable: What are some of your favorite TikTok trends at the moment?

Charli D’Amelio: I love watching dogs and GRWM(opens in a new tab)!

How would you describe Gen Z and Gen Alpha’s relationship with nostalgia? Does it fuel the resurgence of toys like Tamagotchi?

I think both Gen Z and Gen Alpha really value experiences and are always finding fun ways to weave that into our lives and into teenage and adult years. With a toy like Tamagotchi, it’s so easy to connect with your younger self and reminisce on what it was like to get your very first one. You are never too old to play, and Tamagotchi is helping us embrace that! It’s also exciting that the Uni is being introduced to a new generation who will be able to start creating their own memories with the iconic toy.

When did you get your first Tamagotchi and what do you remember about it?

I got my first Tamagotchi after I stole it from Dixie(opens in a new tab). I don’t remember exactly when but I had to have been like six or seven years old. 

What pulled you towards working with Tamagotchi?

The most exciting part about this collaboration is the opportunity to be a part of such a nostalgic, childhood memory that brings me (and others) joy! It’s really amazing that I get to work with a toy company that has genuinely had an impact on my own life and childhood. The chance to represent a brand that I have loved for years and have such fun memories with is such a full circle moment.

How do you find new ways to be creative and spark creativity online?

I get a lot of inspiration from my friends and family — having people around me who embrace my authentic self always is the best way to spark creativity. They push me to pursue any idea or passion I might have or want to explore.

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