‘Quiz Lady’ trailer: Awkwafina and Sandra Oh take a wild sisterly road trip

The official trailer for comedy Quiz Lady is here, featuring Awkwafina and Sandra Oh as squabbling siblings going on a road trip to enter a quiz show. Oh is clearly enjoying the opportunity to ham it up.

Estranged sisters Anne (Awkwafina) and Jenny (Oh) have very little in common. While Anne is an uptight office worker who lives a quiet life, Jenny is outspoken, free-wheeling, and loud in every sense of the word. Though they usually have little to do with each other, the two are pushed to work together after Anne’s dog is kidnapped due to their mother’s gambling debts.

This inspires Jenny to cook up an unlikely plan: travel across the country to get Anne onto her favourite game show, where she will hopefully win the money to rescue her beloved pet.

Quiz Lady arrives Nov. 3 on Hulu.


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