Reddit can now translate posts

Reddit can now translate posts into eight different languages when viewing them on Reddit’s iOS or Android apps or on the web while logged out, according to a post from a Reddit admin (employee). To start, posts can be translated into English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, and Swedish.

I tried it out by looking at this post in r/France. It’s in French, but when logged out on the web, I can translate it to English by clicking the “Translate” link at the top left of the post. When logged in on the iOS app, I can see the “Translate” link, too.

Since I don’t speak French, I can’t speak to the quality of Reddit’s translation. (The admin said in a comment that the company is currently using “Google services for translations in a manner consistent with our privacy policy.”) But the translated post in English seems fine to me.

However, you probably can’t read full translated threads just yet: Reddit says it’s only started experimenting with translating the comments under posts and only on iOS and Android. Full translation of posts and comments seems to be Reddit’s plan, though, as the admin writes that “soon, your entire conversation experience on Reddit can be multilingual!”

The admin’s post also reminds users that Reddit is about to deprecate its previous coins system, meaning you soon won’t be able to thank a stranger for giving you gold. The last day coins will work is Tuesday, September 12th, and according to the admin, Reddit has already deprecated the ability to give awards on the Old Reddit design and on the “mobile desktop experience” (which I am guessing means mobile web).

Reddit has promised that there will be some kind of awards system down the line but hasn’t yet shared details. Android Authority found evidence in Reddit’s Android app that the new system may let users turn gold or Reddit karma into real money, which doesn’t sound like a great replacement.


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