Join In: World Cleanup Day Activities

Since 2017, volunteers have gathered worldwide to participate in World Cleanup Day, a popular global event still taking hold in the United States. World Cleanup Day falls on September 16th this year, and you can create a cleanup or join a local event at the National Cleanup website.

Over the past five years, World Cleanup Day has mobilized 71 million people to participate in projects in 191 countries. This year, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals organization recognized World Cleanup Day, and it was added to the official UN calendar.

“We are excited to continue our partnership with National Cleanup Day, harnessing the power of cleanups to ignite the environmental movement,” said Kathleen Rogers, president of EARTHDAY.ORG. “Cleanups play a key role in solving the plastics crisis, allowing volunteers to take their communities’ health into their own hands. On September 16th, we unite globally to take a stand against plastics for a cleaner, healthier planet for generations to come.”

It may seem like an unachievable goal to clean up the world, but small steps make a big difference when many people take those steps together.

“Remember, there are only 152 pieces of litter on the ground for every person in America – a litter-free country is within reach,” said Jennifer Lawson, President and CEO of Keep America Beautiful, in a statement. “The enthusiasm of our volunteers grows stronger each year, and together, we are creating positive momentum that resonates globally.” and Keep America Beautiful partnered with World Cleanup Day organizers and Planet Oat, GOES Health, WoolAid, and The Pioneers Volunteer Network.

World Cleanup Day is an opportunity to join with others and become part of a larger community that works for the planet’s well-being. To find a cleanup event near you, visit Let’s work together to create a more sustainable future and celebrate nature by keeping it clean.


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