Jigsaw hijacks Nicole Kidman’s AMC ad in ‘Saw X’ teaser

Love Nicole Kidman’s beloved AMC ad but wish it were just a tad spookier? Then you’ll get a kick out of Saw X‘s pitch-perfect spoof, which replaces Kidman with Jigsaw’s tricycle-riding puppet, Billy.


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The teaser recreates the AMC ad shot for shot, but with a few appropriately gruesome Saw Easter eggs tossed in for fun. Billy watches on in delight, marveling at fear and blood-soaked blades as he delivers a tweaked version of Kidman’s monologue.

“We come to this place for a reawakening,” he rasps. “We come to the theaters to scream, to beg, to play.” The parody only gets better from there.

Saw X opens in theaters Sept. 29.


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