Tyla’s ‘Water’ dance trend: Women are using it to test their partners

Tyla’s “Water” has been making waves on TikTok, with users attempting to copy the South African singer’s intricate Bacardi moves. And it looks like the seductive song continues to pick up steam with a new spin-off trend.

You can find countless videos of TikTokkers writhing and shaking their groove thang to the catchy tune. With such suggestive moves associated with the trendy song, women on TikTok are using it to test their partners to determine whether they have wandering eyes.

How to pass the Tyla “Water” test

Women strategically sit next to their partners and pretend to scroll through TikTok. Eventually, they start playing Tyla’s “Water,” in which the South African singer croons, “Make me sweat/ Make me hotter/ Make me lose my breath/ Make me water.”

At this point, the woman discreetly records her partner. If they glance — even if it’s just a quick peek at their phone — they fail the test. If they have no interest in looking, however, the partner successfully passes the test.

Of course, there are some flaws to this test.

If the tester suddenly plays the song out of nowhere (as opposed to playing it after scrolling through TikTok for a while), it’s only natural that their partner will glance in their direction due to the sudden noise emanating from their phone. Plus, a partner darting their eyes to the tester’s phone doesn’t necessarily mean they have wandering eyes — they may simply be curious.

Would you pass the test if you were on the other end of it?


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