ASUS revealed to be total anime fan poseur via costly typo on motherboard

If you’ve ever wondered what would make Neon Genesis Evangelion fans go berserk, look no further than ASUS. The PC maker brought its $700 ROG Maximus Z790 Hero EVA-02 Edition motherboard to the US in September, and over time, eagle-eyed users finally started noticing a small typo in the anime brand: you get “EVANGENLION” instead of “EVANGELION.” In other words, someone at ASUS was probably watching dubs while accidentally adding the extra “n” here.

This mistake can be spotted alongside the “Polymo lighting” I/O cover panel, which has a display that switches between the iconic red mecha and its stubborn pilot, Asuka. As pointed out by Digital Trends, the official product shots also contained said typo at the time of publishing this article. Interestingly though, this wasn’t the case with the press images received by Engadget back in July — as per the above comparison image. We’ve reached out to ASUS regarding this amusing error, but there’s probably not much point in rectifying it at this point — much like the anime’s original abrupt ending.

Having said that, sometimes it’s typos like this that turn products into collectibles, but good luck finding one. This limited edition motherboard was once listed for above $1,000 by third-party sellers on Amazon, but it has since sold out. You may still find stock in some Micro Center stores, according to its website.


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