iOS 17.2 is here — 17 new features coming to your iPhone

The iOS 17.2 update is officially here, and you can now download it to your iPhone. But the question is, which new features will you get to enjoy now that the latest version is out?

You may already know that the highly anticipated Journal app — allowing you to introspectively reflect on photos, videos, and other content via inspirational prompts — is headed to iOS 17.2. But let’s dive into the other perks coming with the update.

iOS 17.2: 17 new features

Aside from the Journal app, here are the most eye-catching features coming to your iPhone (h/t MacRumors).

1. Spatial video capture on iPhone 15 Pro models

This iOS 17.2 feature is only for users with the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Leveraging their advanced camera systems, iOS 17.2 now lets you record spatial videos — captures with depth and immersion — that are best relived with the Apple Vision Pro.

Take Apple Vision Pro-bound spatial videos with your iPhone 15 Pro.
Credit: Apple

All you need to do is open the Camera app, tap on Video, rotate your iPhone 15 Pro (or iPhone 15 Pro Max) to landscape mode, tap on the spatial video icon, and hit Record.

On top of that, Apple added a new “AirPlay Receiver” option in Settings that lets you stream and share content from Apple Vision Pro to iPhone.

2. Zippier telephoto

Speaking of cameras, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max now have faster focus speed when you’re taking zoomed-in photos.

3. Notification sounds are changeable

With iOS 17.2, under “Sounds & Hapatics,” you can now change the default alert sound for notifications. (Keep in mind that this isn’t new for text, calendar and mail alerts.)

4. A new way to react with Stickers in Messages

You can now press and hold any text in the Messages app to reply with a Sticker. Keep in mind that, before iOS 17.2, you could drag a sticker to a chat bubble, but this route is much faster. It’s also worth noting that Apple is adding a “Sensitive Content Warning” to Stickers, so if you decide to send a nude, the recipient will get a warning. (This feature is also expanding to explicit Contact Posters, blurring sensitive content before others view them.)

Apple also added a new “catch up” arrow in Messages, allowing you to zip to unread messages you’ve missed in a high-activity thread.

5. iMessage Contact Key Verification

If you’re a high-profile figure who faces extraordinary threats (e.g., a journalist or a government official), you can use iMessage Contact Key Verification to make sure your texts go to the intended, targeted person.

6. ‘Favorited’ songs in Apple Music

In iOS 17.1, users had the option to “favorite” tracks that they love. Now, Apple is taking it one step further; “favorited” songs can now be added to your Music Library. This is on by default, but you can always toggle it off in the Settings app.

Another interesting update is the new Focus Filter for Apple Music. Let’s say, for example, you want someone to use your iPhone to listen to music. The Focus Filter ensures that their listening activity doesn’t affect your future recommendations.

In the Setting app, “Messages” has been renamed to “Messages in iCloud,” and it offers information about how much space they take up, last sync time, and the total number of messages that have been synced.

7. Action Button gets a ‘Translate’ preset

The Action Button a handful of presets you can choose from, including Silent Mode, Flashlight, Voice Memo, and Magnifier. Now, the Action Button has a new Translate mode. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but pressing this lets you have a conversation with someone in another language.

8. Movies and films become one in Apple TV app

In the Apple TV app, under the Store section, movies and TV shows are now all in one tab. Speaking of Apple TV, you can no longer purchase films and TV shows via the iTunes app. You’ll be guided to use the Apple TV app instead.

9. Blocked user warning in FaceTime

If someone tries to call you with a blocked FaceTime user, iOS 17.2 will issue a warning so you are not blindsided by the call.

As a side note, a new feature exclusive to the Messages app is now available for FaceTime settings, too. With your Contact Poster, name and photo sharing can be turned off. Or, if you desire, you can set to “Always Ask” and “Contacts Only.”

Since we’re on the subject of Contact Posters, in iOS 17.2, you can now use rainbow text for your name.

10. An interactive moon calendar

iOS 17.2 brings better insight into lunar behavior with an interactive moon calendar. Plus, you can get more information about rain, snow, and more within a 10-day window. Apple also added a dynamic wind map that delivers animations and patterns for the next 24 hours.

Speaking of the precipitation and wind, the Weather app has new widgets: Details, Sunrise/Sunset, and Daily Forecast. The last two are self-explanatory, but the former gives you information about UV index, chance of rain/snow, wind velocity, air quality, and more.

11. New page-turning animation

In Apple Books, the Cupertino-based tech giant added a novel “Fast Fade” page-turning feature.

12. Memojis are more than just their face

iOS 17.2 Memojis now let you customize your character’s arms, shoulders, bust, and waist.

13. The App Store has a new top-bar navigation

This navigation tool lets you scroll through app categories, including Health and Fitness, Entertainment, and more, horizontally.

14. Siri can tell you about your health

Everyone’s favorite iDevice digital assistant can now tap into data from the Health app, allowing you to ask questions like, “What’s my heart rate?” and “How many steps have I taken today?”

And that’s not all, in the Maps app, Siri can now give an ETA and offer data about altitude.

15. Use ‘Contact Sharing’ gesture for boarding passes and more

You can now use the “Contact Sharing” gesture, which involves bring two iPhones together, to share plane tickets, movie passes, and other supported Wallet app goodies.

16. AppleCare tweak

Under “General” in the Settings app, Apple renamed “Coverage” to “AppleCare & Warranty.”

17. Qi2

As we reported earlier, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models now support the Qi2 charging standard. (The iPhone 15 line already has Qi2 support).

Final thoughts

Other new features coming to iOS 17.2 include the ability to disable inline predictions (if you kind it irksome) and a “Local Awareness” option for emergency alerts that takes your approximate location into account.

Plus, iOS 17.2 fixes a wireless car charging bug that plagued some iPhones.

Ready to update your iPhone? Go to Settings > General > Software Update.


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