Snapchat+ subscribers can now use AI to generate or extend images within the app

Generative AI is nothing new for Snapchat users, with the app’s “My AI” suite offering the likes of a free ChatGPT-powered chatbot, as well as the freemium AI-generated “Dreams” selfie effects, Bitmoji backgrounds and more. In the latest update, Snapchat+ subscribers can now leverage AI to extend images — or “zoom out” — at the click of a button, thus making the social media app even more practical. Say you have a snapshot of your pet but it’s a little too close, just click on the crop button on the right menu, and then hit the “Extend” button at the bottom. Voilà!

The updated My AI also lets subscribers directly generate Snaps by typing a simple prompt. In the viewfinder, click the “AI” button on the right, then type in whatever you desire (within reason, of course), and shortly, you’ll have an image to tinker with before sharing. Snap suggests you try silly prompts like “a dog sleeping on a rocket” or “a planet made out of cheese.”

Last but not least, the aforementioned Dreams feature now lets you generate fantastical portraits with friends in them. On the Dreams page, simply pick a friend, hit “Done,” and then you’ll be able to share the generated portrait of you both. Like before, Snapchat+ subscribers are given one pack of eight Dreams selfies every month, whereas non-subscribers only get one pack as a free trial, before they consider signing up for the $4-a-month service. Regardless, all users can buy more for $0.99 per pack.

Snap’s ongoing AI efforts seem to be paying off, with its number of subscribers rocketing from five million in September to seven million today — getting one step closer to the ten million “medium-term goal” set by CEO Evan Spiegel back in April, as reported by Time Magazine. Of course, given the fierce competition like Meta which offers similar features for free, Snap will have to keep churning out new AI-powered tools to keep its platform fun and fresh.

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