Binoculars Christmas gift guide 2023

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Buying astronomical equipment as a gift for a loved one can be a tricky task if you don’t know much about the equipment. Binoculars are a lower-cost alternative to telescopes that can provide hours of enjoyment while stargazing, but how can you tell the good models from the bad ones? Which are the reputable manufacturers, and how do you know the binoculars that you are buying are appropriate for the experience level of their intended user?

This guide aims to ensure that the binoculars you choose meet the requirements of the astronomer in your life; that if they are a beginner then they are easy to use and multi-purpose; that if they are of a more intermediate ability that the binoculars give them that big step up to the next level; and if they are experienced and dedicated observers, that the binocular can meet their demands. You will also want to avoid breaking the bank if at all possible


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