An asteroid the size of a bus will fly near Earth on Feb. 22 — but don’t worry (video)

A newly discovered asteroid about the size of a school bus will zoom by Earth at a range closer than our moon on Thursday (Feb. 22), but it shouldn’t pose a threat to our planet. 

Called 2024 DW, the newfound asteroid is about 42 feet (13 meters) wide and will fly within 140,000 miles (225,000 kilometers) of the Earth when it passes by us on Thursday. That’s closer than the average distance to the moon, which orbits about 239,000 miles (385,000 kilometers) from Earth, according to NASA.

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This NASA trajectory map shows the path of asteroid 2024 DW between Earth and the moon’s orbit on Feb. 22, 2024. (Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Asteroid 2024 is just one of several so-called “potentially hazardous asteroids” — space rocks with orbits that bring them within 4.6 million miles (7.5 million km) of the Earth — that will fly by our planet on Feb. 22. However, it will be the closest. Another bus-sized asteroid will pass at a range of 482,000 miles (775,000 km), while an asteroid the size of a jumbo jet will fly by at comfortable distance of 2.5 million miles (4 million km), according to a NASA list of the next five asteroid flybys.


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