Totality was a total bust for me but not for the reason you might think

Totality was a total bust for me but not for the reason you might think

Rochester, NY — As the clouds rolled in, spirits remained high. I stood among thick crowds of people at the Rochester Museum & Science Center’s ROC the Eclipse festival. “We’ll still get to see something at least,” said one festival goer to another, as we prepared to welcome the moon’s shadow and experience the true darkness of totality. Having never experienced any type of solar eclipse before, I didn’t know what to expect. 

It felt like an apocalyptic scene as an ominously dark lunar shadow raced across the sky, flanked on all sides by a rusty red hue that illuminated the clouds from above and cast an otherworldly scene for us watching from below. Everyone was so excited for the celestial wonder unfolding above. Though we couldn’t see the eclipse, we could certainly feel it. The atmosphere was electric. Then, darkness fell.

During totality a dark shadow loomed overhead and the clouds appeared to be highlighted with rusty orange hues. They looked like they had stepped straight out of a Renaissance painting.   (Image credit: Daisy Dobrijevic)

I was surprised by how dark it got, and how incredible the clouds looked, They took on an almost Renaissance-esque appearance, like they’d stepped straight out of a painting. It was a remarkable scene, one I didn’t think would be possible due to the thick cloud cover. 


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