AI gadgets can’t beat smartphones yet

Humane. Rabbit. Meta. All these companies and more are working hard to invent a new category of tech, one that doesn’t live as an app on your phone but actually creates room for other AI-powered gadgets. The AI gadget revolution could be huge.

So far? It’s not going great. And in fact, as Google and Apple in particular find new ways to add powerful new models to their existing products, it seems as though the big winner in the AI race might be the phone already in your pocket.

After that, The Verge’s Alex Heath joins to talk about the many, many AI announcements coming out of Meta. Is CEO Mark Zuckerberg trying to build an AI titan, or is this all in service of making the metaverse happen? And is it possible that Meta’s smart glasses are the sleeper hit of the early AI gadgets?

Finally, we answer a question from the Vergecast Hotline all about Microsoft’s antitrust potential. Somehow, this ends in a very fun metaphor about YouTube.

If you want to know more about everything we discuss in this episode, here are some links to get you started, first on AI gadgets:

And on Microsoft’s regulatory issues:


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