How to Pay

What are my payment options?

You can pay using the following methods: 

CASH PAYMENT – Currently NOT Possible!!

Cashless Society? No ThanksEnvelope Of Money For Cash Payment

– We advise you to send it with registered mail, so you know when we receive it. We are NOT responsible for the loss of the envelope in the post.
– Do not send the envelope with an express courier service like FedEx or UPS as they can NOT deliver to our postal box.
– Do NOT write the order number on the envelope, that might alarm the mailman that there’s money inside. Keep it discreet, include a paper or birthday card with your order number written on it.
Please don’t forget to include your ORDER number! Without an order number, we may be unable to process your payment!

If you want to send us cash, please send PAPER MONEY ONLY – NO COINS!
We accept the following currencies:
– Euro (€)
– U.S. Dollars ($)
– British Pounds (£)


You can buy Bitcoins with your own bank or credit card and simply send these Bitcoins to our Bitcoin Wallet. Why Bitcoins? It’s easy, safe, fast, anonymous, and almost free of transaction costs.

How to get started with Bitcoin? Click here for more info about bitcoin.

Where to purchase Bitcoins?

You can buy your bitcoins on different websites, you can use different payment methods, including a credit card to purchase bitcoins.


Other payments options





Apple Pay

Lower costs for a bank transfer? Check this!

With these websites you can make savings with a bank transfer to all countries:

Please NOTE THAT WE CANNOT ACCEPT the following payment methods below;

Western Union

Money Gram

Credit card (BUT can be used with Xoom transfer)

Gift Cards

(If this is the only available option in your country/region, Contact our Team or write us using any of the contact buttons below the screen to know if you can use any of these options)

We apologize for this inconvenience. This is due to some company’s not wanting to work with us due to the wonderful products we sell.