Edibles (Buy Cannabis Edibles at Green Leaf Ready)

If you are currently using marijuana and looking for a new way to medicate or a better way to control your dose, then edibles may be the way to go for you. Smoking marijuana is very helpful, fast-acting, and promises to achieve the results the individual is looking for in a matter of minutes but the problem with smoking is that you can’t always light up everywhere.

This can leave patients between a rock and a hard spot. They either have to hide somehow while they are smoking or risk the consequences of going without it, i.e. pain overload, nausea, or the inability to focus are just a few of the issues it can cause someone who cannot take their medication in public.

Thanks to our open-minded and creative marijuana community, individuals now have trustworthy edibles they can medicate with to control their ailments. Although smoking is one of the most common ways of consuming marijuana, many prefer not to smoke it or prefer the different benefits that come from eating the plant matter.

Edibles available through the industry today are more potent than ever, with longer-lasting effects, and they have a consistent dosing method, with the same amount of product throughout the whole edible. The hardest part about edibles is figuring out how much one should take. Dispensaries advise that you start with a low dose of 10mg as they are much stronger than most anticipate them to be. The packaging on the edibles will tell you to consume up to 10mg of THC.

Next rule of thumb to remember is patience; edibles do not work as fast as smoking or vaping marijuana. You need to give it time to get into your system through the process of digestion which can take up to an hour or more. Now if you have hit that hour mark, do not pop more in your mouth, let the effects start, they are just kicking in at this point. Edibles are like a pill, takes about an hour to start working, and will top out at the max strength of relief about an hour and a half after you first took it.

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