Alien OG Strain

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Product Quantity:  Ounce (Oz)

THC Value: 28%


If you purchase this product you will earn 115-1000 Points worth $100.00-$55.00!
If you purchase this product you will earn 115-1000 Points worth $100.00-$55.00!
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    Alien OG Strain


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    Alien OG Strain- Top Shelf Marijuana

    Balanced Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica – Alien OG

    Alien OG Strain, an indica dominant hybrid, is a potent cross between Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. Alien OG will have you feeling out of this world with its intense high that combines a whirlwind of mental stimulation with a heavy indica dominant body stone. This potent strain should be used cautiously, especially in novice users – as it has been known to induce almost psychedelic-like cerebral stimulation. At moderate dosages, this Alien OG strain provides a balanced high that begins with a rush of positive energy that increases creativity, while alleviating general body aches and pains. As the effects settle in, Alien OG’s indica dominant characteristics will have you feeling lazy and almost unable to move off the couch. Alien OG is a very medicinal strain that has been used to treat a wide variety of conditions such as stress, anxiety, chronic pain and inflammation, migraines, and insomnia.

    Effects of Alien OG Strain
    Relaxed – 100%
    Happy – 78%
    Euphoric – 70%
    Uplifted – 55%
    Focused – 46%
    Medical Effects of Alien OG Strain
    Stress – 100%
    Depression – 80%
    Pain – 68%
    Insomnia – 52%
    Fatigue – 35%
    Negative Effects of Alien OG Strain
    Dry Mouth – 100%
    Dry Eyes – 43%
    Dizzy – 30%
    Paranoid – 25%
    Anxious – 20%
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    ounce (Oz), Quarter Pound (QP), Half pound (HP), Pound (P)

    Based on 19 reviews

    4.47 Overall

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    19 reviews for Alien OG Strain

    1. White
      5 out of 5


      Quality. Skeptical at first, but no need to worry. Smell free packaging and tasty alien og! Will definitely use again.

    2. George
      5 out of 5


      Brilliant company. Great bud and super quick service and really friendly as well. Hope you get a bigger selection though.

    3. Thefireman892
      4 out of 5


      this place does not disappoint. just tried Alien OG this particular batch is basically same, as flat including delivery here and honestly cannot be beat.. I usually don’t go with reviews but these guys are the real McCoy folks haha.. and thanks for the extra peeps , much appreciated and keep up the work.. your new customer and friends nick

    4. Jeffing89
      4 out of 5


      Very quick delivery times, great product for a great price. They really do send positivity! Multiple orders here and I have to say my favourite and go to service!

    5. Damian
      5 out of 5


      I was worried at first with the ounce that I got… It reminded me of old school week stuff because there were really no “big” buds… which I’m use to. The more I have gotten into this strain the more I love it. it drops more keaf in my grinder than any other strain I have and it is a strait sativa mind fuck. Do not try to go to sleep on this… You wont. Great for creativity and playfulness. I love it.

    6. Elias
      4 out of 5


      got myself prepacked of this stuff and it is now one of my top favorite strains. The Flavor is reminise of King Luis but ×1000. and the effects are literally out of this world. Beware for novice smokers as this strain is strong and can produce visual stimulation if smoked in excess. even I a veteran couldn’t handle the effects.

    7. Jaxson
      5 out of 5


      After looking at the flower and smelling it, I was really skeptical. Looked weak tbh. Then I smoked down a whole joint thinking I was right. About 5 mins later I was insanely stoned. Mind blown stoned. It was awesome! Sneaky one for sure.

    8. Jesse
      5 out of 5


      Great for my anxiety!

    9. Victor
      5 out of 5


      This strain was off the charts, gave me this creative feeling that no other strain has given me yet. It has an earth kind of taste to it. By far my favourite strain. If you have the chance to find it somewhere you must try! Very hard to come by sometimes so keep your eye out.

    10. Jonah
      5 out of 5


      Stinky. You can see the Crystal’s. The texture is so rich. Dope👌

    11. Patrick paps
      4 out of 5

      Patrick paps:

      One of the best. Heavy Cookies and Og aroma/taste

    12. Marcus
      4 out of 5


      Smoke weed everyday and this is some bad ass weed to I

    13. Rylan Johnson
      4 out of 5

      Rylan Johnson:


    14. Breezy
      4 out of 5


      Serous cerebral high but I still feel energized. Thick buds and a hint of citrus!! Alien OG is aright with me!

    15. Stephanie
      4 out of 5


      I feel like my head is detached from my body 10/10

    16. James Bob
      4 out of 5

      James Bob:

      unbelievable. this strain is made for bong rips and listening to music. you get the warm chest pulse. out of this world.

    17. Emmanuel
      5 out of 5


      After my 2nd kidney surgery in a 2 month span I found Alien OG!!! It was equivalent to a 10mg Percocet without all the horrific side effects.

    18. Edward
      4 out of 5


      I think it’s good guys taste it you’ll like it, will always recommend

    19. Sekian
      5 out of 5


      Heaven on earth. This strain hits HARD.


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