Butterscotch Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

Butterscotch is a perfectly balanced, sweet as candy strain with an unknown genetic origin. Harboring a distinctive candy-like aroma, this strain certainly lives up to its name! While this strain possesses a blend of both Sativa and indica characteristics – users may find that it leans slightly towards the indica side. After enjoying this flavorful strain, a warming sensation will slowly take over the user’s body – relieving symptoms of pain and tension. As the body starts to give in to this powerful sedation, general feelings of anxiety and stress will succumb to relaxation that will leave the user in a peaceful state of mind. At the peak of its performance – Butterscotch has the ability to induce sleep in users – so be mindful not to consume this strain in the early hours of the day, or if tasks need to be accomplished. Butterscotch has been used by patients to treat symptoms of anxiety, appetite loss, insomnia, chronic pain, as well as symptoms associated with PMS.

Effects of Butterscotch Strain
Uplifted – 100%
Euphoric – 82%
Sleepy – 73%
Relaxed – 62%
Focused – 34%
Medical Effects of Butterscotch Strain
Insomnia – 100%
Stress – 75%
Depressed – 47%
Lack of Appetite – 22%
Pain – 21%
Negative Effects of Butterscotch Strain
Dry Mouth – 100%
Dry Eyes – 97%
Dizzy – 38%
Paranoid – 11%
Anxious – 10%
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Ounce (Oz), Quarter Pound (QP), Half Pound (HP), Pound (P)

18 reviews for Butterscotch Strain

  1. Pennyworth M.


    Purchased a gram of Butterscotch on Friday morning and it arrived on Saturday morning! Breezy transaction.

    At first I was skeptical after trying CBD oil and not noticing any change. But soon as I rolled a joint of this I immediately felt the benefits, more relaxed and clear minded without any of the brain fog I tend to get with THC.

    Overall great product, love what you are doing and can clearly see the dedication to CBD and the business. Keep on keeping on! Also feel valued by how swift and honest the customer service is, very helpful and friendly.

    Look forward to purchasing more strains and seeing more added in future.


  2. Pennyworth M.


    I was hassle free. A very good product. I will doing business again

  3. Pennyworth M.


    Not quite what I’m looking for (ahem)… but my gf absolutely loves it. She even said it has a great flavour – which actually surprised me. As a long time smoker, I’m used to stuff a bit stronger, but smoking this, I definitely felt relaxed in body and mind. If you’re new to cannabinoids then high cbd would be a great place to start. If you normally smoke cigarettes with your THC stuff then this may help you use less while providing benefits at the same time.

  4. Pennyworth M.

    Darell Cobon

    The website was easy to use and navigate to find the product I wanted, with a good range of concentrations and flavours depending on the product. Delivery was very fast, and the product I received was very good quality, better than other brands I have used in the past (both for practicality and performance). I will definitely be buying from them again.

  5. Pennyworth M.

    Crystal shilom

    !!!! ALL I WANT IS MY SNACK PACK 🤣!! I have loved the butterscotch pudding snack pack since I was a kid!!! I definitely try to buy some every month for the days I want something sweet but not too sweet or too high in calories!!! Creamy, butterscotch yumminess!!! I put it in the fridge for a nice cool treat!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!!

  6. Pennyworth M.


    This strain makes my titties hard. It could be that I’m more susceptible to the cold or this is great for givin ya hard titty.

  7. Pennyworth M.


    I’m a daily, mostly evening, indica smoker who struggles with a lot of insomnia. Sadly, very few heavy indica strains do the job. Partially due to consumption and my tendency to primarily smoke only indica varieties. Butterscotch was a very different experience. It can can get overwhelming quickly. Two hits from a vape pen and I became somewhat uncomfortably dizzy. But did it ever do the job! Expect a lot of cotton mouth and an instantaneous, intensely tingly, warm, relaxing body high. This strain can get overwhelming quickly, so tread lightly. The pain relief was unparalleled to other strains in many aspects. Very sedating, narcotic-like and an unmistakable sweet butterscotch smell and taste. Wouldn’t touch it until preparing for bed though, but this is a must try!

  8. Pennyworth M.


    Mellow taste sweet smell. The body high was huge. Very relaxing, focus, chill.

  9. Pennyworth M.


    Don’t like the taste. Has an earthy flavor, but had a very mellow body high effect on me, but it’s really recommend guys

  10. Pennyworth M.


    I had read about the candy-like smell of this strain, but I honestly couldn’t smell it. After smoking it you could definitely taste the candy taste. This really helped out my buddy’s girlfriend. She has very bad anxiety and gets very paranoid when she smokes with us, but this curbed her anxiety almost instantly and she spent the night relaxed. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who suffers from anxiety.

  11. Pennyworth M.

    Maximus Jose

    Does it smell like butterscotch? Not really, taste? No, but does has a nice terpene flavour. What I can say is it does relax you in body but also keeps your mind quite focused and engaged, very social and MUNCHIES are strong with this one, It’s not highly sedative but you do feel quite enough out of it not to drive or do any crazy physical or taxing tasks. All in all I love it, great mid day to night strain.

  12. Pennyworth M.

    Kai Weston

    I’ve been out of the game for awhile and ordered some of this to treat chronic insomnia. Took one toke from my one hitter and I was soaring 10 minutes later. Seriously… This is the strongest bud I have ever smoked. Very strong euphoria without the pananoia and anxiety I used to get off strong weed. After an hour the indica effect kicked in and I was out like a light. I woke up with no grogginess whatsoever and felt completely refreshed. Strongly recommended!

  13. Pennyworth M.


    Well I don’t know if I’m just THC sensitive, but the smallest pinner I rolled to sample this pretty much incapacitated me. I had little choice but to lay back and allow the high to do its thing. As long as I was able to keep my train of thought away from concerning topics, the experience was fine. Intense.

  14. Pennyworth M.


    Picked up this babes today. Dayum! She’s tasty. Moderate high and munch. Love the way it smokes. 4/5!

  15. Pennyworth M.


    very nice strain it smells pretty dank though with a bit of a butterscotch smell it starts out with a nice indica high but torwards the end i get some unpleasent dizziness and it would be hard for me to stay awake so it is very good for insomnia but i would only suggest smoking this at night time

  16. Pennyworth M.


    I find it a very versatile with strength. It has a nice peak and a lasting awareness. Excellent extract too.

  17. Pennyworth M.

    Nicolas Paul

    This strain is awesome if you have trouble sleeping. Just 2 bowls had me done. Or has me done.. Lol I’m high af right now writing a review. That’s how good it is. Mmm. Smooth hits, great taste and smell. Going to sleep with a huge smile on my face. Goodnight!

  18. Pennyworth M.


    I find it a very versatile with strength. It has a nice peak and a lasting awareness. Excellent extract too

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