Chemdog #4 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

A hybrid with a diesel, pungent scent with a citrus undertone (hence the name), Chemdog #4 is identified by its considerable height and light green, dense buds. Our Chemdog #4 cannabis seeds come with our lineage guarantee, and promise dedicated growers a long-lasting, uplifting effect that still offers relaxation and pain relief.

Stress will ebb away after a dose of Chemdog #4, along with lingering effects of depression and stress; some patients even find this strain works to ease headaches and boost creativity. Born of Thai and Nepalese strains, Chemdog #4 delivers heady euphoria that could be a bit too much for patients seeking a more medical, non-psychoactive treatment, but the strain’s popularity speaks for itself. Note that new patients may find they experience more sedation than euphoria.

A parent to many Diesel-based strains and the world-renowned OG Kush, our Chemdog #4 will leave you nice and relaxed without letting you fade into sleep. Perfect for the afternoon or evening, this strain won’t leave you in a mental fog like some of the more potent indicas – you should feel a bit of clarity, which assists with the creativity. Nausea and pain can be managed with Chemdog #4, as well.

Your Chemdog #4 cannabis seeds should germinate with ease (following our germination method), though cultivation does require a bit of a green thumb. The plants will spend between 9 and 11 weeks in the flowering stage and can reach seven feet when grown outdoors, though they usually top out at about five feet in the grow room.

You’ll be impressed with the yield, a significant offering of 500 to 600 grams per square meter indoors, and the potential for even more per plant, outside. At Green Leaf, we guarantee the genetics of your Chemdog #4 cannabis seeds – there’s no question that the seeds you plant will leave to a potent hybrid harvest capable of all kinds of medical and recreational feats.

Just like our other strains, Chemdog #4 cannabis seeds are backed by our 90% germination guarantee (see our germination guide for the details) and are shipped straight to your door in discreet packaging, enclosed in medical-grade glass vials. Experience this powerful strains, today!

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11 reviews for Chemdog #4 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Pennyworth M.


    Chemdog is gonna be your new best friend. If you ever had a stressful day, or just need some time to think, smoke a little of this and watch your worries melt away and your head clear up like a sunny sky. It’s great for long drives, surfing, hiking, really any outdoor activity. Pretty solid grow too, and not difficult either. Got me a fat yield, around 600 grams of delicious herb in about 5 months. Best purchase I have ever made!

  2. Pennyworth M.


    The chemdog is out the cage y’all! I smoke this weed like every day, all day long for some serious uplifting energy and burst of focus and creative energy. I feel like I can run a mile or compose a symphony. But mostly I just take long, aimless walks around Seattle and wonder how I got here. It’s been a significant improvement for my life, and has helped me de-stress and stay focused on what matters. Great buy!

  3. Pennyworth M.


    It’s gotta be one of the best strains on this planet…like it’s god’s gift to the human race…well maybe not…but this is some hella good weed. FAST FAST delivery, right to my door, and I got to growing it right away, perfect for beginners, but if you got the experience it will help your yield that much more! Smells like a mix of diesel and OG kush. Helps me with my anxiety, stress, and depression. I got nearly 800 grams from my 3 plants, love sharing with friends and family!

  4. Pennyworth M.


    The chemical imbalance in my brain has been corrected…I feel so light and free! This weed is a wild ride, but a very positive one! I grew it in my backyard, totally on a whim, and the plants did better than I could have imagined…it’s so relaxing, uplifting and fun to smoke. Helps me when my energy levels are down, helps me when I am depressed and having a bad day. I can’t think of many bad things to say? Green Leaf is a great company, I’ve always been impressed by their online catalog!

  5. Pennyworth M.


    One of the stronger weeds I have grown and smoked. Usually I am more inclined to use CBD weed, but I was impressed by the yield potential for this strain so decided to give it a go. WOW it was no joke, I got a TON of mmj from my 3 little plants and love smoking it on a daily basis. Helps me with stress, anxiety and depression and offers some really wonderful creative energy. I will definitely be back for more premium mj!

  6. Pennyworth M.


    This is some stinky weed! Very strong and powerful on the senses and with a lot of flavor that punches you in the gut and gets you off your butt! Great for anytime of day, in the AM for energy and in the afternoon for relaxation and fun! Great vibes from this stuff overall, and it’s fun to share with friends. My bf helped me grow this stuff, so it went a lot smoother!

  7. Pennyworth M.


    Chemdog is one of those strains that never fails to deliver. It always puts me in a great mood and offers some amazing creative thoughts! I feel super alive when I smoke this, like I can accomplish any task. It’s super cool looking too, has these streaks of bright white mixed among the green. It’s highly addictive, in a good way! You’ll want to be coming back for more and more!

  8. Pennyworth M.


    This is the best of the weeds I have tried from this site so far. It’s a real treat to grow this stuff in my backyard. I’ve been doing this a while so I get these huge tall plants that produce a ton of flower. I love how the nugs are super white and a little bit of green. It’s been a real trip! I gotta take it easy on this stuff cause it’s strong, usually one or two hits will do me fine. Great buy!

  9. Pennyworth M.


    This weed is powerful and it will get you stoned. If you’re all about a strong buzz like I am, then you’ll definitely dig this stuff. Grew it indoors, right in the basement, got my grow lamps set up and a small irrigation system. I love the taste and the smell, so earthy and pungent, and smoking this stuff is a bit harsh but so worth it. I can’t wait to buy more! Thanks green leaf

  10. Pennyworth M.

    Rosy Splash

    Powerful stuff! But also, very relaxing. Amazing what good genetics can create! green leaf has an excellent online selection, a stellar array of weed to choose from, but Chemdog is definitely my favorite! It’s easy to grow, indoor or out. Has a fantastic yield, around 500 g per plant, and the buzz is very clean and intense. You’ll love it for sure!

  11. Pennyworth M.

    Adam Cliff

    Not the easiest grow in the world, so maybe this isn’t best for new growers. Have a nice greenhouse in the backyard and am happy I had a chance to grow this stuff. It’s been a real treat working with this plant with it’s bright white leaves and flower! I love the smell and taste, very sour and citrusy. I enjoy the buzz as well, best for right after work, when you’re driving home!

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