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Ethos invites you to enjoy this rare blend of exotic cannabinoids!  Delta 8 is now recognized and Delta 7 and 10 will eventually be formally recognized as legitimate conversions of Delta 9 (the main psychoactive in cannabis). Delta 7, 8, and 10 are created through the conversion of Delta 9 through further laboratory processes.

Green Leaf believes there is still much to be learned about this beautiful plant and its complex chemistry and we are learning that when Deltas are combined, the effects are amazing. You can also check out our list of top quality marijuana extracts. Visit our faq page to know more regarding making orders and how we process them.

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9 reviews for Ethos Twisted Delta 8/9/10 Distillate 1ml

  1. Pennyworth M.


    Excellent product excellent price & fast efficient delivery. Have tried other companies but this one has been the best service of them all

  2. Pennyworth M.

    Tom Drake

    Delivery time was 2-3 days but it arrived the day after I placed the order. Quality of the E-Liquid is great, packaging didn’t seem wasteful either. I know the E-liquid is lab tested and labelled as Ethos.

  3. Pennyworth M.


    Excellent selection of product. I got edibles, they are very very good. I couldn’t find the delivery so emailed customer service who were so polite and helpful. Really good experience

  4. Pennyworth M.

    Tony Vella

    My order arrived promptly (sooner than they stated)
    Been taking for a couple of days and have noticed an improvement in my lower back pain. Definitely recommend

  5. Pennyworth M.

    Mrs Bishop

    *I have just started taking this for help with sleep and Arthritis. The Taste is not nice But they say what tastes horrid does you good.
    Am sleeping better, will prob find it helps with pain after a few weeks.

    Wish we could get the other hemp oil over here as it works much better!

    Arrived quickly

  6. Pennyworth M.


    Good time of delivery am impressed

  7. Pennyworth M.


    Recommended by a colleague at work and I place an order and received next day. tyns GLR.

  8. Pennyworth M.


    Best place to pick up. Their employees are professionals and can teach you a lot as you guys interact and they deliver fast

  9. Pennyworth M.

    Coji Nick

    Just placed my order already, a friend recommended because of their good products and speedy delivery

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