The pocket-sized yet powerful MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig™ features a magical double-ball chamber that delivers smooth, flavourful rips. The spherical design offers maximum water filtration while keeping water inside the chamber and out of the air path. The beautifully crafted borosilicate glass is thermal-resistant and preserves natural flavours. Featuring a pure quartz banger, the MJ Arsenal Atlas offers a world of flavour.


Boasting a unique double ball water chamber, the Atlas generates clean, comfortable hits. Smoke and water make maximum contact, generating smooth and dense hits. The chamber ensures no spills, preventing wet hits. Designed for optimal moisture-conditioning, the Atlas rig features a honeycomb percolator that transforms smoke into comfortable vapour.


Crafted using high-grade borosilicate glass, the MJ Arsenal Atlas features a clean, clear, and solid design. A thermal-resistant vapour path keeps hits cool while maintaining true flavour and effects. Featuring an airtight seal between the ergonomic mouthpiece and ground glass connection, the Atlas enables deep chugging that delivers hits when they’re at their most flavorful and potent.


The Atlas is a mini rig with big flavour. A 100% pure quartz banger extracts rich flavour from concentrates without combustion. Highly resistant to heat, this premium banger offers low-temp vaporization for huge, milky hits. Pocket-sized with a pure quartz banger, advanced water filtration system, and solid borosilicate design, the Atlas puts big power in a small rig.

  • Height: Approximately ~4 inches
  • 1x MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig
  • 1x Quartz Banger

2 reviews for MJ Arsenal – Atlas Mini Rig

  1. Pennyworth M.


    super cool. using this for over a month now

  2. Pennyworth M.


    Thanks for always delivering on time. You’ve saved me a lot of extra bucks

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