Our flavored THC Distillate comes in a variety of different flavors that’s sure to have your taste buds going wild!, Organic and natural terpenes are added to our THC distillates, providing a mouthwatering experience like no other. THC distillates have 90%+ THC level, making it one of the cleanest and most pure cannabis extracts on the market. Due to the distillation process, THC distillate is naturally decarboxylated, which activates the THC – making distillate a dabbable, vapable, edible and topical product! Due to its potent THC level, only 1 or 2 drops can be enough for each dose.

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Blueberry, Mango, Root Beer, Sour Apple, Watermelon

3 reviews for THC Distillates (Flavored) – Top Shelf

  1. Pennyworth M.

    Philip Rambow

    Liked the discount. Thanks. Speedy delivery. Excellent product.

  2. Pennyworth M.

    Georgeta Marin

    I am very happy with this product, I recommend for everyone of us to consume a CBD oil !!

  3. Pennyworth M.


    To be honest, I wasn’t sure that CBD would work for me, but it absolutely does and I am amazed. I feel calmer and after vaping for 3 days, I have slept through the night – something I haven’t managed for years! Overall I’m really happy and will recommend to all my friends and family. Green Leaf made ordering easy and delivery within 2 days was a plus. I will definitely be ordering more!

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