This blonde dry sift hash was locally made and pressed in beautiful British Columbia.
Dry sift hash is appreciated for its artisanal process and revered for its terpene profile and potency. Watermelon Zkittlez specific strain blonde dry sift hash carries a very pungent smell on the nose and a very clean but rich and flavourful taste on the throat and mouth.
Watermelon Kush is said to have an intense euphoric feeling with is very uplifting and energizing, something not normally found within the more traditional types of Indica strains. The buds are large and dense, and they are prized highly for their superior yield and content of THC.
Patients who medicate with this strain will usually do so for the relaxing narcotic effects that it has, very useful for stimulating the appetite or using as an aid to sleeplessness. As you may expect, the aroma of this strain is very distinctively watermelon with a little bit of grape thrown in. Some users also say that there is a slightly hashy smell.
The flavor is quite a treat, especially for those who are looking for a change from the “traditional” marijuana. It is easy to pick out the sweet taste of not only watermelon but also strawberry and other berries.
Zkittlez is an indica dominant hybrid, bred by crossing Grape Ape and Grapefruit, as well as another undisclosed strain. This bud packs a flavorful punch – emitting a tropical blend of sweet, fruity flavors. This flavor-packed strain is relatively mellow in nature, beginning with an uplifting and euphoric cerebral buzz that will have the user feeling focused and creatively inspired.
These effects are accompanied by a relaxing body high that slowly spreads throughout the entire body – leaving the user in a pain-free, relaxed state. Zkittlez is most effective in treating conditions such as chronic pain, depression, stress or anxiety, and inflammation.

Effects of Watermelon Zkittlez Hash
Relaxed – 100%
Happy – 80%
Euphoric – 70%
Sleepy – 65%
Hungry – 50%
Medical Effects of Watermelon Zkittlez Hash
Stress – 100%
Insomnia – 90%
Pain – 77%
Depression – 70%
Lack of Appetite – 50%
Negative Effects of Watermelon Zkittlez Hash
Dry Mouth – 100%
Dry Eyes – 90%
Headache – 70%
Dizzy – 10%
Paranoid – 5%
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1, 3.5, 7, 14, 28

5 reviews for Watermelon Zkittlez Hash (AAAAA)

  1. Pennyworth M.


    It gives you higher control as to how much you want to smoke. The smell and taste are very sweet. The high is great and extremely relaxing.

  2. Pennyworth M.


    Love everything about this got a good high, I highly recommend it.

  3. Pennyworth M.


    Love this product. Smells really good, looks good and burns perfectly well.

  4. Pennyworth M.


    To me this product is winning it overs everything it gives a high more than the word high like this.

  5. Pennyworth M.


    I smoked a lil 1g joint of this that I received from you my favourite dispensarie. I am immediately impressed at how well it’s helping me focus and concentrate on things that I need to. My pain is suitably dulled and my mentality is.. pleasant!

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